Athens' Active Climbing is a Step Above the Rest

Who says you need a mountain to go rock climbing? Active Climbing brings the mountain to Athens residents with its thrilling 20 ft. climbing wall and elaborate bouldering paths.

This gym offers a great strength workout without even feeling like work. The brightly painted wall of one of the rooms lets visitors climb up the arm of a friendly-looking giant and more advanced climbers can maneuver around his 3D hand and up to the ceiling.

Beginners can feel comfortable learning the ropes at Active Climbing. Lessons are available from professional rock climber Adrian Prelipceanu, and classes teach newbies the techniques and tricks to belaying, climbing and bouldering, which is climbing complicated low paths without ropes.

After mastering the basics climbers can enjoy unlimited visits with a monthly or annual membership.

Even the kids can monkey around the easier courses or invite their friends for a private climbing birthday party.

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