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How the Livability Sausage is Made in Oak Park, Ill.

The trolls came out at 8:25 p.m. That fact alone wasn’t surprising. I was at a public hearing of the Village of Oak Park Planning Commission to discuss the draft of its new comprehensive plan. I expected a parade of CAVEs (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) once the presentations by the village and its consultant were […]

The Have and Have-Nots of Walkable Urbanism

Throughout U.S. history, we have had divides. Initially we had a lot of land to conquer, and we drew a line between settled and frontier. That gave way to urban versus rural. As we moved from an agrarian society to a mechanized one, the urban versus suburban divide became the key differentiator and has remained […]

Why I Need a New Best Place to Live

Seven years ago, we found our perfect place. We skipped condo buying and went straight for a house in the city. It seemed kind of suburban to do that, and yet we were well within the Chicago city limits. We had a yard and a fence. Our house is close to everything: Target. Home Depot. […]

On the Table: A Stealable Idea to Strengthen Your Community

Here’s a great idea your city can steal, although I have to say your city will have a hard time pulling it off as well as my city did because my city, apparently, is awesome and engaged. The nearly century-old Chicago Community Trust showed this week that it still has some new tricks up its […]

5 Reasons Why Biking to Work is Perfect for Millennials

It’s bike to school/work/wherever week and, as someone who commutes next to a bike lane, I can tell you it’s working. Bike lanes, bike sharing systems and an overall rise in the number of commuters taking the self-powered approach means that the roads are getting more and more crowded. How much more? According to the census, […]

Makin’ Places in Macon

A postcard from a random stranger. A vacant lot turned into a place to play the playground games of your youth. A public chalkboard filled with all of the things your neighbors love about their community. Small things. Things that don’t cost much. Things that can, nonetheless, plant the seeds of difference-making and place-making. That’s […]

In Defense of Los Angeles as a Best Place to Live

Over on the Curbing Cars blog, writer Adam Rubenfire asks the ever-popular question “Which city is the best for getting around?” It’s a great question, and one that deserves a great answer. I’m just not sure this post is it. Here’s why. Mr. Rubenfire takes a quick survey of top cities lists, including Livability’s Top […]

The Best Downtowns Get Everything – Jobs, Residents, Bike Paths

Our Top 10 Best Downtowns 2014 list showcases some of the fastest growing urban centers in the country. These are places attracting both new residents and businesses as they undergo significant improvements. While researching cities across the country, we spoke with David T. Downey, president and CEO of the International Downtown Association. This group connects […]