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Makin’ Places in Macon

A postcard from a random stranger. A vacant lot turned into a place to play the playground games of your youth. A public chalkboard filled with all of the things your neighbors love about their community. Small things. Things that don’t cost much. Things that can, nonetheless, plant the seeds of difference-making and place-making. That’s […]

In Defense of Los Angeles as a Best Place to Live

Over on the Curbing Cars blog, writer Adam Rubenfire asks the ever-popular question “Which city is the best for getting around?” It’s a great question, and one that deserves a great answer. I’m just not sure this post is it. Here’s why. Mr. Rubenfire takes a quick survey of top cities lists, including Livability’s Top […]

The Best Downtowns Get Everything – Jobs, Residents, Bike Paths

Our Top 10 Best Downtowns 2014 list showcases some of the fastest growing urban centers in the country. These are places attracting both new residents and businesses as they undergo significant improvements. While researching cities across the country, we spoke with David T. Downey, president and CEO of the International Downtown Association. This group connects […]

A Letter From The Editor

If you came here via the home page, hopefully you noticed something new and exciting. As of yesterday, has launched its new magazine content. Each weekday we’ll be posting a new original feature showcasing the best news from America’s small to mid-sized towns. This month we’ll be virtually visiting many of our Top 100 […]

The Only Relocation Trend That Changes

Only one relocation trend ever seems to change. It’s the urban/suburban movers. Sometimes they move in, sometimes they move out. In which decade were each of the following statements written? Can you guess? These are all quotes from the U.S. Census Bureau’s reports on where people are moving. “It is conceivable that although in the […]

The Four Questions to Ask When Choosing a Best Place to Live

What do you really need to know to figure out where you should want to live? Turns out, you need only ask yourself (and the best places to live data) four questions if you’re considering relocating.  This list is based on research partner from our academic partner, Kevin Stolarick at the Martin Prosperity Institute. Dr. […]

The 25 Cities That Most Need Affordable Health Care

In February, we launched our first list of Top 10 Cities for Affordable Health Care. We looked at a number of factors about costs, access and quality of health care available in small to mid-sized cities throughout the U.S. Let’s take that a step further and look at cities that have the greatest need for […]

On the road with Livability in Whittier, Ca.

We say that one of the reasons to do lists like our monthly top 10s and our annual Top 100 Best Places to Live is that it gives us a chance to celebrate communities that might not otherwise receive their fair share of the limelight. After all, with our focus on the small to mid-sized communities, […]