Shopping in Victorville, CA

Shopping in Victorville, Calif. may be a little spread out, but you can find dozens of places to suit your shopping needs.

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Shopping in Victorville, Calif. may be a little spread out, but you can find dozens of places to suit your browsing needs. There are a number of stores in the area, so be sure to grab a local map and talk to locals as you enjoy Victorville's shopping scene.

In the Southern region of the city, along Bear Valley Rd., stores include everything from fashion boutiques to men's apparel and sportswear. Dark Ages, which is the only place in the area to find samari swords, water fountains and toys all in the same place, is located in this region.
North of Bear Valley lies the Historic US 66 Highway, which includes more traditional stores such as Toys R Us and Costco, but on your drive through there are a number of antiques stores along the way. Sixth Street has three antique shops, while 7th Street is home to craft and book stores and collectible shops. Revitalization efforts are in affect for Old Town Victorville to revamp the area into a mix-use location for businesses, residents and travelers.
Victor Plaza Shopping Center
Located in proximity to Historic US 66 lies the Victor Plaza Shopping Center that dates from the 1960s. The plaza was one of the first shopping centers in the city, and includes an estimate of 20 businesses ranging from local shops to national retailers. DD's Discount, part of the Ross family, is located in the plaza and carries bargain finds for everyone in the family.
The Mall of Victor Valley
The Mall of Victor Valley is the dominant shopping mall in the Southern California High Desert region. This mall is situated on one main level and offers roughly 100 stores to visitors. Its anchor stores include Forever 21, Sears, JCPenney and Barnes & Noble. Popular stores such as Aeropostale, Claire's and Hot Topic are also available to give shoppers the true mall experience.
You won't have to go far for dining options, either. The food court is located in the north section, and if you want to spend the day at the mall, you can check out the latest premiere at the Cinemark 16 Theatre.
Store Listing Info
Dark Ages, 14400 Bear Valley Rd.
Toys R Us, 12450 Amargosa Rd.
Costco, 14555 Valley Center Dr.
DD's Discount, 14598 7th St.
The Mall of Victor Valley, 14400 Bear Valley Rd.


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