Paintball in Victorville, CA

By Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 14:42

Finger painting may be for kids, but for a more hands-on painting experience, try a visit to Giant Paintball Victorville.

The paintball park gives young people and adults the chance to battle each other, or members of opposing teams, by firing non-toxic, washable paintballs from air-powered markers. Hit another player, he or she is out. Take the opponent’s flag, win the game.

Although it’s high-intensity fun, paintball is easy enough that most any one can play. That’s made the sport popular worldwide, and why Victor Valley paintballers are so happy they no longer have to drive more than 40 miles to the nearest park. Giant Paintball opened here in 2007.

The park, which has 5 acres of street structures, quasi-houses and other urban obstacles for players to move in and around. It is a bring-your-own-paint facility, but for a flat fee participants can pay for their entry, a gun, air and paintballs.

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