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Get a glimpse of Cambridge, MA by clicking on the arrows in the photo rotator, then take a deeper look by exploring the galleries below.

Downtown Cambridge, MA

Downtown Cambridge's many


include historical districts and a thriving arts and music scene.

MIT's Stata Center in Cambridge, MA

MIT's Stata Center is well-known for its unique architecture, and proves to be not only an academic building but one of the city's most noticeable attractions. Photo by Flickr user Manu_H

Oleana Restaurant in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge's food scene includes many international options like Oleana, a Mediterranean restaurant that serves up dishes like the above Flattened Lemon Chicken with Za'atar.

Bondir Restaurant in cambridge, MA

Bondir is a farmhouse-style restaurant that serves up primarily local food. Learn more about other restaurants around town.

Charles River in Cambrige, MA

The Charles River is perfect for activities like boating, rowing or simply strolling. Photo by Flickr user cremglace 

Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA

Harvard Square is one of the city's most popular shopping spots due to its eclectic collection of local shops.

Inman Square in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is well-suited to young professionals, and its many neighborhoods range from business epicenters to suburbs.

Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is home to big-name schools like Harvard University and MIT, as well as a number of public and private schools.

The T Train in Cambridge, MA

Access to multiple modes of public transportation boosts the area's business climate.

City Hall in Cambridge, MA

Among Cambridge's top employers are the prestigious Harvard University and MIT.