Tour the Homes of Presidents Jefferson, Madison and Monroe in Charlottesville

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Charlottesville is widely known as home to our nation’s third, fourth and fifth presidents - Jefferson, Madison and Monroe - allowing its residents to do something that seems impossible for even the most skilled orator: deliver three presidential addresses at once.

The most famous is Monticello, the home of third President Thomas Jefferson. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1987, Monticello is of Jefferson’s own design and a favorite destination for residents and visitors.

Visitors also seek out Montpelier, the home of fourth President James Madison. The estate features many activities – from touring the mansion and other buildings on the grounds to viewing exhibits, archaeological sites and gardens.

The home of fifth President James Monroe is named Ash Lawn-Highland. The site includes a 535-acre working farm and gives visitors a taste of authentic 19th-century life through the preser­vation of the architecture, as well as on-site character interpretations and craft demonstrations. Ash Lawn-Highland also serves as a performing arts site, offering a location for parties, meetings, picnics and music festivals.

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