Stratmoor, CO: What you need to know

Looking to move to Stratmoor , CO? We’ve got everything you want to know about the key factors that could make this the best place for you, including Stratmoor , CO real estate. Let’s start with the basics: Stratmoor , CO is located in El Paso County . It has a population of 6,035, and we have a cool graph below that shows the city’s ethnic diversity, as well as other important facts and figures.

What about cost of living in Stratmoor , CO? The median income in Stratmoor , CO is $40,977 and the median home value is $139,400, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability.

Stratmoor, CO City Profile

Quick Facts

Population 6,035
Median Age 30
Median Household Income $40,977
Median Home Price $139,400

Stratmoor, CO Demographics

Population By Gender

  Male 55.8%
  Female 44.2%

In Stratmoor

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Median Population

Median Age 30.4
Age 18 Over 73.9
Age 21 Over 70.3
Age 62 Over 13.6
Age 65 Over 12


  Ethnicity White 71.3%
  Ethnicity Black 2.9%
  Ethnicity Asian 1.8%
  Ethnicity Hawaiian 0.4%
  Ethnicity Hispanic 26%
  Ethnicity Indian 2.4%
  Ethnicity Other 7.3%

Median Household Income

  Median Household Income 40977
  Median Home Price 139400
  Homes Owned 40.2
  Homes Rent 59.8
  Median Property Rent 863


  English Only 82.6
  English Other 17.4
  English Poor 1600000

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Commute Types

  Walked 2
  Worked at Home 1.9
  Public Transportation 2.4
  Other Means 0
  Drove Alone 79.3
  Carpooled 14.5