Writer Spotlight

Cyndie Todd

Cyndie Todd is an Angleno by birth, Nashvillian by choice. She wrote for campus newspapers at three of the six colleges she attended, worked as a stringer for the Malibu Times and the Country and Canyon Times (Calif.), the Watertown Gazette (Tenn.), and served as editor of Mt. Juliet News (Tenn.). On hiatus from six years of zealous blogging, she writes for about American cities and the fun things to do in them – a subject on which she is a borderline expert.

She holds a Bachelor of Science from Middle Tennessee State University in Liberal Studies, with emphases in journalism and leadership, and a minor in Mass Communication. She freelances part-time while working in government full-time for the State of Tennessee. 

Cyndie enjoys all forms of travel except camping, is an avid sailor, loves sharing a pitcher of beer with her sons – the philosopher and the musician – and is determined to read just one William Faulkner novel cover to cover before she dies. She keeps a digital clip book at