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Caterpillar Incorporated in Danville, KY
Battle of Perryville Near Danville, KY

Civil War buffs reenact the Battle of Perryville and bring history to life near Danville, Ky.

Dana Holding Corp. in Danville, KY

Dana Holding Corp. is a top employer in Danville, Ky.

The Hub Coffee House and Cafe in Danville, KY

The Hub Coffee House and Cafe is one of Danville's most popular eateries.

Newlin Hall at Norton Center for the Arts in Danville, KY

Norton Center for the Arts, located on the Centre College campus, offers family-friendly entertainment.

Millennium Park in Danville, KY

The Skate Parks has been popular destination for Danville, KY youths. Millennium Park offers several options for families from walking trails around a duck pond to soccer fields and playgrounds.

Downtown Danville, KY

The courthouse in downtown Danville, KY is the focal point of the city's center.

Downtown Danville, KY

The Hub is a popular Coffee and Sandwich shop in downtown Danville, KY.

Dollhouse Museum in Danville, KY

Visitors view displays at the Dollhouse Museum in Danville, KY. The museum offers a wide selection of miniatures to be viewed and purchased by the public.

Bluegrass Pizza & Pub in Danville, KY

Bluegrass Pizza & Pub offers great beers and handmade pizza in downtown Danville, KY.

Vice Presidential Debate in Danville, KY

The 2012 Vice Presidential Debate between Republican Paul Ryan and Democrat Joe Biden took place in Danville, KY.

Great American Brass Band Festival in Danville, KY

The Great American Brass Band Festival Picnic takes place every year in Danville, KY.

Timberland Headquarters in Danville, KY

Timberland Boots Headquarters in located in Danville, KY- a prime central location for distribution across the country.

Family Food Maket & Deli in Danville, KY

Wilma Nisley does inventory at Family Food Market & Deli near Danville, KY.

Downtown Danville, KY

Danville, KY may have a quaint downtown, but it is known for its great schools, businesses, and more.

4th Street Deli and Tap

Crowds gather for trivia night at 4th Street Deli and Tap in Danville, Kentucky. The deli has been reinvented from a lunch spot to a bustling gathering place that serves lunch and dinner, along with a ladies’ night and live music.

The Governor's Circle at Constitution Square

The Centerpiece of Constitution Square is the Governor's Circle: a pair of bronze statues depicting the state seal of Kentucky, two men shaking hands. The pioneer is dressed in buckskin and the statesman is wearing more formal attire. See more on the history of Danville.

McDowell House

Visitors tour of the McDowell House apothecary in Danville, Kentucky which was the home of medical doctor Ephraim McDowell who performed the first successful removal of an ovarian tumor in the world.

Art in Danville, KY

Stephen Rolfe Powell and friends work to create a piece of original artwork for Powell's Screamer series vases. Powell is a professor at Centre College and internationally known glass blower.

Millennium Park in Danville

Skateboarders flock to Millennium Park in Danville, Kentucky. The park also features a skate pad, miles of scenic walking paths, an enclosed dog park, fountain, ducks, soccer fields and more.

Downtown Danville, Kentucky

Downtown Danville, Kentucky is full of historic sites, plenty of shopping, and newly renovated lofts.

Herrington Lake in Danville

Herrington Lake is a 2,335-acre, man-made lake in Danville. It's the deepest lake in Kentucky, and offers some great opportunities for boating and fishing. Check out more outdoor fun in Danville.

The Constitution Square Meetinghouse

A meetinghouse was built in 1784 under the direction of the Reverend David Rice. It housed the Concorde Presbyterian Congregation of the first Presbyterians in Kentucky. A replica of this building stands on this site today.

Danville's Camp Horsin' Around

A colorful painted horse stands at the entrance to Camp Horsin' Around in Danville, Kentucky. The mission of Camp Horsin' Around is to construct a camp facility for organizations that serve children with chronic illnesses.

Millennium Park in Danville, Kentucky
Kids play soccer at Millennium Park in Danville, Kentucky. Millennium Park is a city-county park with miles of serene walking paths, dog park with a water fountain and ducks at the pond.


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