Things To Do in Eugene, OR

Eugene is best known for its outdoor activities and natural setting, the University of Oregon, and ecletic shopping and local businesses.

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Alton Baker Park in Eugene, OR

Recreation in Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR's incredible arts scene and thrilling outdoor activities make finding something fun to do here easy.

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The Healthy Pet in Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR Pets

Eugene, OR, is a top 10 pet-friendly city.

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Fun Things To Do in Eugene, OR

Here are some fun things to do while in Eugene, Oregon.

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River Ridge Golf Course in Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR Golf Courses Challenge all Skill Levels

A number of distinctive golf courses are available to low-handicappers and duffers alike in the Eugene, OR area. In fact‚ one golf course is not even called a course. It is a campus.

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Skinner Butte Park in Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR Parks and Recreation Programs

Eugene, OR is often regarded as one of the healthiest cities in the United States, and one reason is due to the great parks and recreation programs offered to residents.

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Kayaking in Eugene, Or

Go Kayaking, Rock Climbing and More in Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR is in a great location for lovers of the great outdoors with kayaking, rock climbing, biking, hiking, and more.

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Eugene Country Club in Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR Golf Courses

Eugene, OR is a top 10 golf city.

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