Gainesville's Growing Economy Goes Global

By Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 06/14/2011 - 11:17
What do power steering systems, poultry processing equipment and pharmaceuticals have in common? It turns out that global companies that create these products all decided to locate their facilities in Gainesville-Hall County. In fact, more than 35 international companies from 15 different countries have locations here, and for very good reason. What is it about Gainesville that has turned the heads of so many international corporations? It’s that old real estate mantra: location, location, location. From its founding in 1821, Gainesville has always been a transportation and trading center. Today it is also an educational and medical hub, and its proximity to Atlanta, lower cost of doing business and ready and willing work force have made Gainesville the economic center of northeast Georgia. And programs such as the Manufacturing Development Center and the Center of Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence help to nurture business growth even further. There are over 300 existing industries in Gainesville-Hall County, in areas such as technology, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities, medical and service sectors. Global companies located here include Kubota Manufacturing (Japan), Beaulieu of America (Belgium) and Continental Corporation (Germany). Of course it’s not just international companies that know Gainesville is a perfect spot for doing business. American firms such as Pilgrim’s Pride, Capital Lighting and Wrigley Manufacturing Company also call Gainesville-Hall County home. It helps that the county is home to a large number of industrial and business parks that offer the perfect sites for businesses wishing to relocate or expand, such as Gainesville Industrial Park West, Oakwood South Industrial Park and Gainesville Business Park. But the action isn’t all out in the industrial and business parks. The historic downtown district has undergone a total transformation in recent years and is today the home of many thriving businesses, from banks and bookstores to clothing and coffee shops. There are 35 businesses on the downtown square alone, and hundreds more just a couple of blocks out. It seems that business just keeps getting better all over Gainesville.


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