Manly Things to Do in Gillette, WY

Jesus Little Levi Rodeo

Little boys grow up playing cowboys and Indians. It's a classic tale that never fails to entertain. It's action-packed and comes complete with a cool hat. Let Dad relive his Western childhood fantasies with a trip to the Rodeo Capital of Wyoming: Gillette, where cowboy ideals are alive and well at the city's many rodeo events. It's also home to one of the largest event centers in the country – CAM-PLEX and several coal mines inhabited by huge cranes and dump trucks.

Manly Things to Do in Gillette, WY:

• Catch some bull riding, barrel racing and steer riding at the Energy Town Pro Rodeo

Hunt for mule deer, antelope and even trophy American bison

• Go hiking or rock climbing at Devils Tower National Monument

• Golf at the Bell Knob Golf Course

Manly Places to Eat in Gillette, WY:

• Chophouse Restaurant

• Humphries Bar & Grill

Pokey's BBQ & Smokehouse

Check out more delicious restaurants in Gillette, WY and in surrounding Campbell County.


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