Herrl Woodrcraft in Gloversville, NY

Woodworking in Gloversville, NY

Gloversville, NY offers woodworkers resources and an inspiring natural setting.

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Children's gloves on display in Storto's glove shop

Gloversville, NY Businesses

Once fueled primarily by glove making, the economy in Gloversville, NY is becoming more diverse, with locally owned shops, food manufacturers, florists, bookstores and three thriving business parks.

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Fage USA Dairy Industry Inc. in Johnstown, NY

Economic Development in Johnstown, NY

Air Jet Industries, Mohawk Cabinet Co., and FAGE yogurt are some of the leading companies in the Johnstown, NY area.

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FAGE Dairy in Johnstown, NY

Economic Development in Gloversville

Business industries in Gloversville, NY include feta cheese, greek yogurt, glove making, and woodworking.

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Glove Maker Daniel Storto in Gloversville, NY

Couture Glovemaker Daniel Storto shines as “Glovemaker to the Hollywood Stars”

After working with fashion heavy-hitters the likes of Geoffrey Beene, Dries Van Noten and Alexander McQueen, L.A. “Glovemaker to the Hollywood Stars” Daniel Storto moved to Gloversville, NY- the "Glove Making Capital of the US".

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