Hiking at the Little Grand Canyon in Carbondale, IL

By Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 08:00

Hidden along the Illinois Wine Trail is the Little Grand Canyon, a fantastic spot for hiking enthusiasts or anyone who loves admiring nature's lush beauty.

The Little Grand Canyon Trail is 3.6 mile hike to the canyon floor and the entire trail is edged by the Big Muddy River.

The trail offers hiking for many different experience levels.

Casual hikers can take their time heading down the gravel path at Hickory Ridge and stop at benches along the way to enjoy the scenery.

More experienced hikers can push on just past Swallow Rock and begin the decent down the rugged trail into the actual canyon. Choosing this path makes the estimated time to complete the trail close to four hours, but the incredible sights make it worth the effort.

Sandstone walls tower close to 100 feet overhead, flowers and greenery sprout out everywhere, the calming sounds of the Big Muddy River and the Mississippi River can be heard nearby and wildlife scurry all around the canyon.

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