Paramount Theatre in Kankakee, IL

Arts and Cultural Offerings in Kankakee County Keep Residents Entertained

Art galleries, big names in entertainment, theaters and a rich history make Kankakee County a great place to broaden your artistic mind.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Homes Side-by-Side in Kankakee, IL

For years the pair of Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Kankakee have been off limits to tourist. Not anymore. One of the homes, the Harley Bradley House, will become a museum. Both houses are on South Harrison Avenue in Kankakee. They are the only pair of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes sitting side-by-side in any city, anywhere.

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The Bradley House in Kankakee, IL

Frank Lloyd Wright's Kankakee House Now Owned by Not-for-Profit Group

Both Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Kankakee are on the National Register of Historic Places, but Bradley House has arguably the more interesting history.

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Horseback Riding at Camp Shaw-Waw-Nas-See

Kankakee Provides Natural Retreat Close to Chicago

Looking for a good reason to settle down in Kankakee County? The people who live here can give you a hundred.

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Abe Is Art in the Kankakee County Historical Museum

There are plenty of busts of President Abraham Lincoln, but the ones created by master artist George Grey Barnard are considered among the best. See them at the Kankakee County Historical Museum.

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