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Kansas City, MO is a Great City for College Grads

The shops at Tuileries Plaza in Kansas City, MO
The shops at Tuileries Plaza in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO, balances affordability and economic growth like nobody's business. It's also earned a reputation as one of the brainiest cities for college grads to settle, according to Mortgage Match. But it's not all business in Kansas City, which offers the bright Power & Light District, complete with more than 50 bars, shops and venues, and a surprsisingly lively jazz scene.

Median resident age: 35

Married: 46%

Single: 54%

Median household income: $52,574

Median rent for a two-bedroom apartment: $798

Median travel time to work: 19 minutes

Total workforce: 73,300

White collar jobs: 75%

Blue collar jobs: 25%

Bachelor's degree: 23%

Masters degree: 10%


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