Mt. Sterling Attracts Retirees

A livable climate‚ reasonably priced housing‚ recreational and cultural opportunities‚

By Laura Hill on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 23:18

When it comes time to retire‚ most seniors are looking for the same basic things in a community – livable climate‚ reasonably priced housing‚ recreational and cultural opportunities‚ access to good medical care and a welcoming atmosphere.

That may be why Mt. Sterling and Montgomery County are increasingly popular with retirees. Just ask Cliff Stilz‚ who left full-time work as a banker in Mt. Sterling to stay right here.

“Basically‚ for me‚ Mt. Sterling has everything I need‚” Stilz says. “We’ve got good recreational facilities‚ two nice golf courses‚ and we’re close to Lexington to see college sports‚ great arts and opera and that kind of thing. And we’re relatively affordable.”

Stilz goes on to list the other advantages the area holds for retirees: proximity to airports in Cincinnati and Lexington‚ a great church community‚ a country club‚ a beautiful new civic center and Morehead State University’s many opportunities for learning.

“It’s a town where total strangers speak to one another on the street and make an effort to welcome new people‚” he says. “It truly is a great little town.” Stilz is not alone in his enthusiasm.

More and more retirees are finding out what locals have known for years.

“There are a lot of amenities here for retired people‚” says Sandy Romenesko‚ executive director of the Mt. Sterling-Montgomery County Industrial Authority/Chamber of Commerce.

“We’ve got a range of housing options‚ from under $100‚000 to half a million dollars‚ a great medical climate including an outstanding hospital and the best nursing-home facility‚ Windsor Care‚ I’ve ever seen. We have a senior center and lots of senior activities through churches. And if people give us an idea of something they’d like to see‚ we’ll do it.”

Banker Claude Bentley‚ who developed a 400-acre resi­dential community at Silver Creek‚ is anticipating the growing interest in Montgomery County as a retirement destination with his new Old Silo Hills Retirement Community. When built out‚ the community will have 54 units ranging in size from 1‚500 to 5‚000 square feet‚ designed especially for seniors.

“It’s something our market studies said we needed in our community‚” says Bentley‚ who has been contacted by people from as far away as California and Florida who are looking for a more affordable and manageable place to retire. “People like the feel of a small-town community‚ where they are close to everything‚” he says.

“The quality of life is excellent‚ the pace is slower‚ nothing’s crowded.” All-brick homes in the upscale community will be one level and all-electric. A nominal monthly fee will include water‚ sewage‚ garbage collection and outside maintenance including yard mowing and exterior maintenance – leaving owners free to enjoy all Montgomery County has to offer.


Laura Hill is a former reporter/columnist for the Tennessean and a contributor to Journal Communications publications since 1996. She enjoys travel, food, jazz, Titans football, her grown kids and the...

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