Morse Brothers Culinary Earns Reputation as an Upscale Catering Business

By Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 04/02/2012 - 22:08
Morse Brothers Culinary is a tasty family affair for Jerry Morse and his three sons‚ Jevan‚ 28; Jerry A.‚ 30; and Jerad‚ 32. A restaurant-industry veteran‚ the elder Jerry Morse decided to open the catering business three years ago. He says he saw an underserved market in the Winchester area. He also likes the people in Clark County. “I have never been in a circumstance here where people aren’t appreciative‚” Morse says. “They are always willing to go out of their way for you.” Morse Brothers operates out of the kit chen of the Winchester Country Club‚ but it’s still a fully independent busi ness. Some of the business comes from club events or referrals‚ but Morse Brothers Culinary also serves local organ iza tions‚ private parties and individuals. This family team goes to great lengths to make an event stand out. For example‚ a catered affair for the South east Airport Managers Association featured a meal and party under a tent at the end of an airport runway. Culinary concoctions from Morse Brothers are often intricate and take a lot of planning‚ Morse says. He leans on the talents of Jerry A. and Jerad Morse‚ both professionally trained chefs. But Jerry Morse is a pro in his own right‚ having owned five restaurants in the past 29 years. Morse Brothers Culinary has earned a reputation as an upscale catering busi ness‚ but Morse wants to make sure folks know he serves a wide range of events. “We are a public catering business‚” Morse says. “I do ham sandwiches‚ too.”

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