La Plata, MD Area Blue Crabs

Find Maryland's Blue Crabs on the Menu near La Plata, MD

La Plata Maryland is one of the few places where diners can find blue crabs on the menu at numerous restaurants.

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Capt' Billy's Restaurant in La Plata, MD

Best Places to Eat in La Plata, MD

Barbecue, burgers, seafood and ethnic eats make up the area's food scene, and farmers markets in La Plata and Waldorf with locally grown produce and fresh meats round out the area's offerings.

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Ouzo's Greek & Regional Cuizine

Ouzo's Restaurant in La Plata, MD

If you're looking for Greek Food in La Plata, MD, Ouzo's Restaurant is a great choice.

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Casey Jone's Restaurant and Bar in La Plata, MD

Casey Jones Restaurant in La Plata, MD

Casey Jones Restaurant has been a dining staple for more than 30 years in La Plata, MD.

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Gilligan's Pier Seafood and Steakhouse in La Plata, MD.

Food Specialties in La Plata, MD

La Plata, MD is known for its amazing seafood, especially the locally harvested blue crabs. But the stuffed ham delicacy is attracting foodies to the area.

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