Las Cruces, NM Shopping Overview

Shopping in Old Mesilla in Las Cruces, NM
Shopping in Old Mesilla in Las Cruces, NM

The majority of Las Cruces shopping takes place in outdoor plazas located in the city and surrounding areas. There is, however, a mall in town, the Mesilla Valley Mall, as well as the bi weekly farmers and craft market.

Mesilla Valley Mall

Equipped with well-known department stores like Sears, Dillards and JCPenny, the Mesilla Valley Mall also offers nearly 100 other stores and services to its customers, including name-brand stores like American Eagle Apparel and The Buckle.

Plaza Shopping

With a history tracing back before the Civil War, Old Mesilla Plaza provides a quaint and cultured shopping experience just 15 minutes outside of Las Cruces. Antique shops, book stores, apparel, art galleries and more make up the 40 shops in the plaza.

Arroyo Plaza is an outdoor strip mall along one of downtown’s busiest streets. The proximity of shops along the avenue makes walking from store to store and stopping for a bite to eat easy.

The Mercado de Mesilla

With a heavy concentration of art galleries and fine-arts stores, the Mercado de Mesilla is located at the gateway to Old Mesilla Plaza.

Farmers and Craft Market

The Las Cruces Farmers and Craft Market welcomes vendors of all kinds, including Creative Welding by Steve Fleming, Steib’s Leather, Vaughn Larson Wood Crafts, Sheri Lamkin Seaglass Jewelry and more.


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