Lebanon, TN Neighborhoods Overview

Downtown Lebanon, TN
Downtown Lebanon, TN


Lebanon’s Oakland neighborhood is suburban and accompanied by farmland. A quiet area, Oakland’s housing prices are higher than Tennessee's average. Primarily medium-sized abodes make up this neighborhood’s landscape.

The majority of the residents in Oakland own their homes. Highly educated with good jobs, these residents are mainly young singles.


Open farmland describes the Linwood neighborhood. The three and four-bedroom single-family homes in Linwood are priced above the state’s average, and this area is known for its quiet atmosphere.

Egan/West End Heights

Also priced above Tennessee’s average prices, homes in the Egan/West End Heights neighborhood are mostly three or four bedrooms. This quiet suburban area is home to a range of lifestyles, with young professional residents and seniors living as neighbors. Cumberland University is located nearby.

City Center

The homes in the city’s walkable center are mostly small with one or two bedrooms, but their prices are on par with the state’s or lower than the national average. Owners and renters both reside in this area, and most residents are young singles.


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