Hot Brown from The Brown Hotel

Traditional Louisville, KY Cuisine

Louisville is known for several signature dishes, from the savory Hot Brown to the whitefish sandwich. Follow them up with a slice of Derby Pie®, wash it down with a Mint Julep, and a menu of favorites from this Ohio River city is complete.

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Bardstown Road Farmers Market in Louisville, KY

Louisville's Farms to Table Movement

With a diverse local dining scene that spans the globe in inspiration, it’s no wonder Louisville found a place on Bon Appetit’s Foodiest Small Towns list in 2009.

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Louisville's award winning White Marble Farms dish

National Honors for Louisville Restaurant Scene

Louisville's legendary restaurant scene has made it a gourmand's paradise for locals and visitors alike.

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Bluegrass Brewing Company in Louisville, KY

Breweries in Louisville, KY

Louisville is one of the best unexpected beer cities with many breweries and pubs.

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