The Bassett Historical Center and Library in Martinsville, VA

Bassett Historical Center in Martinsville, VA
Bassett Historical Center in Martinsville, VA

What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in charm. The Basset Historical Center and Library has been called “the best little library in Virginia,” and for good reason.

It began as an idea in 1939 by members of the Bassett Garden Club, who felt their little town needed a library. For years, historical documents were stored in a single file cabinet on one shelf in the library basement. In 1988 an addition was made to the library which eventually became the home of the genealogy department, until a decade later when the library found a new home across the street, leaving the old building as the Historical Center.

Over time the Center's collection has grown, and now includes the history of various town members such as the Lela C. Adams Collection, the Eunice Kirkman Collection and the John B. Harris Family File Collection. Currently, the Center has plans to expand and double its size in order to accept new collections.

In 1992, the Bassett Branch Library was integrated into the Blue Ridge Library System, allowing it to expand both its customer base and stock. The Historical Center and Library still operate nearby and in conjunction with each other.

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