Job Expansion in Martinsville, VA

When looking to relocate or expand, businesses have very specific criteria they look for in a location. On the heels of several announcements of corporate expansions and recruitment, Martinsville-Henry County is proving to be an ideal location.

ICF International, a professional services and technology solutions firm, was looking for a home for its new $15 million operations center and needed a specific type of workforce, access to broadband communications and a nearby airport.

Frank Abramcheck, senior vice president of Fairfax, Va.-based ICF, says the best arrangement of all of his company’s requirements came together in Martinsville-Henry County. 

“It had the workforce, the availability of appropriate real estate, the right incentive package, and I really do feel like we did get alignment from the state officials and the Economic Development Corporation in Henry County,” he says. “Everything came together in a really strong way.” 

The ICF announcement, which is set to bring more than 500 jobs to Henry County through 2014, is just one of several companies bringing jobs to the growing region over the next few years. 

More Henry County Jobs on the Horizon 

RTI International Metals, a Pittsburgh, Pa.-based provider of titanium and specialty metals, has built a $100 million plant in Patriot Centre here that is set to add 150 jobs to its $120 million plant. 

Even smaller companies looking to expand are finding the criteria to suit their expansions in the Martinsville-Henry County area. 

Applied Felts, an independent manufacturer of felt liners for the cured-in-place pipe industry, is investing $6 million in its home base of Henry County, which will add another 40 new jobs to the area. 

Charlie Mattox, general manager of Applied Felts, says Henry County provides a good road system for moving inventory in and out, as well as high-end electrical design support – both key factors in his decision to expand at home and not look at a new location. 

“We also have employees who really care about what they are doing,” Mattox says. “They are dedicated workers who don’t mind working long and hard. I think this area offers a good quality of life. It’s a good environment for families.”

Corporate Consolidations Bring Jobs Home 

Southern Finishing, a Martinsville-based manufacturer of pre-finished components for the cabinet industry, has invested $1.7 million to consolidate its operations to the city of Martinsville. The company is set to bring its manufacturing and distribution operations to a building across the street from its existing location, expecting to save more than 100 jobs and create 67 new ones. 

Southern Finishing executives cited the availability of affordable space and a labor force with wood industry experience in the area as criteria they needed, that Henry County easily met. 

Drake Extrusion, manufacturer of polypropylene fiber, is another local company that has added jobs recently. Overall, it has expanded five times since opening its facility here in 1995. 

Mattox of Applied Felts says of the Henry County-Martinsville area that as an outsider coming to the area 14 years ago, from day one he was overwhelmed by the community support. 

“From the beginning I felt that we are in a small town with really big-city services,” he says. “I still think that way.”

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