The Mississippi State University Riley Center in Meridian, MS

Discover Meridian, MS's Entertainment District

In 2010, local and state leaders made Meridian, MS's reputation for quality entertainment official by declaring in Meridian the state’s first designated entertainment district.

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Meridian, MS Symphony Orchestra

Arts & Culture in Meridian, MS

Meridian, Mississippi's culture is all inclusive with theater, art, music and fun.

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MSU Riley Center in Meridian, Mississippi

Meridian’s Past, Future Create Excitement Today

New efforts to commemorate Meridian’s Civil War and Civil Rights history jibe with downtown Meridian’s redevelopment and growing economic vitality.

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Time Jumpers perform at the MSU Riley Center in Meridian, MS

Performing Arts in Meridian, MS

Meridian, Mississippi is a haven for community actors, directors and patrons of the performing arts.

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59Twenty Music Festival near Meridian, MS

Meridian, MS Festivals Fund Local Causes

Proceeds from annual festivals such as 59Twenty Music Festival and Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Festival in Meridian, MS go to help good causes.

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Dentzel Carousel in Meridian, MS

Meridian, Mississippi's Dentzel Carousel

Meridian, Mississippi's Dentzel Carousel is a beloved family friendly attraction and National Historic Landmark located in Highland Park.

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Mardi Gras Festival in Meridian, MS

Meridian, MS Mardi Gras festivities include a gumbo cook-off, crawfish boil, block party and a Battle of the Bands competition, as well as a popular pet parade.

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Meridian, MS Underground Music Exchange

Explore Meridian, Mississippi's Music Scene

Live music scene in Meridian, MS features the Meridian Underground Music Exchange and the Sucarnochee Review.

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Meridian, MS Artists' Co-op & Gallery

MSU Riley Center in Meridian, MS

MSU Riley Center in Meridian, MS is a performing arts center, a conference center, an educational center and a catalyst for downtown revitalization.

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