Traverse City, MI Celebrates New Methods in Wine Making

By Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 23:59

Traditional wine-making takes a step back in Traverse City, MI. A modern movement has settled over the city, largely in thanks to Cornel Olivier and Chris Baldyga, the lads behind Two Lads Winery. They certainly put their spin on the process, and operate out of multi-level facility that could easily be mistaken for modern art museum. New technology like gravity-flow and gentle-handle techniques transport the juice and wine throughout the process. The two lads invite you come and taste the difference. But if traditional is more your style, it doesn't get more old-fashioned than Brys Winery. The winery is housed in a renovated, turn of the century homestead and settled on what used to be a cherry and apple farm. The Brys family began planting grape vines in 2001, which grew into to gold medal winners for their pinot blanc, chardonnay and signature white wine.

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