City of Shakopee, MN

Shakopee is located in Scott County in Minnesota. The median income is $78,713 and the median home value is $217,800. The unemployment rate is 6.87% compared to 7.9% for the U.S. as a whole. Workers commute an average of 24.8 minutes each day. The population is 77.4% White, 4.0% Black, 0.7% American Indian, 10.9% Asian, and 7.0% identify as some other race or ethnicity. For more on the schools, healthcare, and getting around in Shakopee, see each of the tabs below. For those people interested in the walkability of a community, Shakopee has a Walk Score® of 20.

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My husband Gary and I moved to Prior Lake in 1976, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Scott County really has it all – a small town feel with easy access to all the amenities of the Twin Cities metro area; a diverse, friendly population and a vibrant, growing economy; great schools and the state’s best recreational enterprises; a place you want to raise a family, and a place you want to live out your golden years.

Scott County Commissioner Barbara Marschall