Healthcare Services in Meridian, MS

Staying healthy in Meridian, MS is easy with many healthcare options in the area.

By Joe Morris on Fri, 07/20/2012 - 16:50

Staying healthy in Meridian is like the best kind of exercise regimen – easy. Three hospitals serve this growing community, as well as a network of long-term care facilities, behavioral health hospitals, clinics and other centers. Each of the area’s medical providers also offers workshops, seminars and other activities to get the community involved in preventative health care.

Jeff Anderson Medical Center

Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center, the Rush Foundation Hospital and Riley Hospital all provide a full range of diagnostics and treatment services, and are always upgrading facilities and adding services to meet the needs of Meridian residents.

Jeff Anderson’s roster of services includes a full cardiovascular surgery program, Level II newborn intensive-care unit plus a health and fitness center. Jeff Anderson recently purchased $3.6 million in magnetic resonance imaging equipment. Advanced MRI systems are vital in diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

Rush Health Systems

In East Mississippi, Rush Health Systems includes a hospital equipped with cutting-edge technology that provides quality care to patients and The Specialty Hospital of Meridian, offers long-term choices for nonpermanent patients who require more recovery time within a hospital setting. Rush also has specialized facilities for newborns and heart patients, and has launched a sports-medicine team that hits the road to care for area athletes.

Riley Hospital

Riley Hospital's services include breast imaging, wound healing, surgery and outpatient therapy. Two key centers established by Riley provide stroke treatment and rehabilitation services.

The Stroke Treatment Center includes a trained team of physicians, nurses and therapists to treat stroke patients. Rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke is vital to the outcome for the patient.

Riley Hospital’s Tom C. Maynor Rehab Center works with those who are recuperating from surgery, strokes and other serious illnesses, while its breast-imaging and maternity services are just two aspects of its strong women’s health program.

East Mississippi medical facilities also serve the needs of those suffering from addiction and mental-health issues. Solace and treatment are provided at Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in nearby Hattiesburg, as well as the Alliance Health Center and East Mississippi State Hospital, which has been offering both long-term care and behavioral-health services since 1882.

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