Mississippi River Continues Ensuring Success for Natchez and Adams County Economy

Natchez Bridge Crossing the Mississippi River

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Natchez-Adams County, MS Has Abundant Arts, Music and Historical Attractions

Natchez Festival of Music in Natchez, MS

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Real Estate

Natchez, MS Attracts Retirees and Young Professionals Alike

Natchez Trails Bluff Walkway in Natchez, MS

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City of Natchez, MS

Natchez is located in Adams County in Mississippi. The median income is $25,724 and homes cost $88,700 on average. The unemployment rate is 12.33% compared to 7.9% for the U.S. as a whole. Workers commute an average of 16.7 minutes each day. The population is 39.4% White, 59.1% Black, 0.0% American Indian, 0.5% Asian, and 1.0% identify as some other race or ethnicity. For more on the schools, healthcare, and getting around in Natchez, see each of the tabs below.

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I loved growing up in a small town. The people, Natchezians, are the most hospitable, generous and kind-hearted people you will meet.

Caitlin Huffines, Natchez Young Professionals