Kentucky's Natural Bridge State Resort Park Offers Nature-Made Wonders

Mt. Sterling residents who want to immerse themselves in the great outdoors are lucky to have Natural Bridge State Resort Park close by.

The Kentucky state park, surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest, is located in Powell and Wolfe Counties along the Middle Fork of the Red River, about 45 minutes from Mt. Sterling.

The park's namesake natural bridge is the centerpiece of the park. It has taken nature millions of years to form the 65-foot-high natural sandstone arch that spans 78 feet.

The park is approximately 2,300 acres, and about 1,200 acres of that is dedicated by the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission as a nature preserve.

The parks houses more than 20 miles of trails that range from moderate to strenuous. The 0.5-mile "Original Trail" to the natural bridge dates from the 1890s.

Scenic areas include White's Branch Arch, Henson's Cave Arch, Owls Window and Lovers Leap. Also popular is Fat Man Squeeze, a narrow passage in the rock formation.

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