Businesses in Muskogee, OK

Manufacturing in Muskogee, OK
Manufacturing in Muskogee, OK

When manufacturing comes to mind, so should Muskogee. This small port town is known for its many manufacturing companies, whose products range from tiles to paper products to tasty treats.

Port of Muskogee

The Port of Muskogee, a full-service facility that offers easy access to rail, truck and barge transportation, is an inland location along the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, allowing freight to be transported to the Gulf Coast and around the world via the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers. This access to land, rail and water transportation is what makes Muskogee a top choice for manufacturers.

Just ask Dal-Tile officials. The company, America's leader in ceramic tile manufacturing and distribution, chose Muskogee for this reason in 2003. After the company received 171 acres of land, tiles from all over the world were slated for decorative production. Porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles and slabs, including medallions glass and metal tiles, are just a few of the products offered.

Acme Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation is headquartered in Muskogee. Founded in 1938, the company manufactures fans, blowers and ventilation equipment. Its 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space gives Acme the opportunity to produce one of the broadest lines of air-moving equipment in the industry.

Food, Drink and Paper Products

Founded in 1908 by John T. Griffin, Griffin Food Company is best known in Muskogee for its signature breakfast products, Griffin Waffle Syrup and Griffin Strawberry Preserves. The company ships many products to its customers, including several syrups, jellies and preserves, mustards, salad dressings, coconut, barbecue sauces, vanilla and peanut butter.

Love Bottling Company is a 135,000-square-foot bottling facility that produces Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Love Beverages. Since opening in 1979, Love's products and services have expanded. Now, the company offers home and office water delivery, cooler rentals, coffee and coffee essentials, cups, teas and more.

Georgia-Pacific also has a facility in Muskogee, which produces familiar consumer paper products, including Brawny, Mardi Gras, Quilted Northern, Sparkle, Vanity Fair and Angel Soft.

In addition to a variety of products, Muskogee also offers a variety of benefits. With a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office, veterans, their dependents and their surviving spouses and children have an opportunity to receive disability, education and training, vocational rehabilitation and employment, and life insurance and burial benefits.

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