Muskogee Man Sets World Records


Muskogee resident Brian Jackson is no stranger to the Guinness World Record book, but his feat may seem like a lot of hot air to some people.

Jackson holds the record for the heaviest vehicle lifted with breath. It’s a record he has set several times, most recently during a competitive event in China. Jackson and his Chinese challenger both attempted to lift 3,000 pounds by blowing air through a hose into a giant balloon. It was a multi-stage event in which both Jackson and the challenger kept tying each other’s record until the winner was declared.

Both men lifted the car in the first phase. Next, a woman sat in the car, adding weight, and both men again were successful. In the third stage, another 100 pounds was added and that’s when the challenger struggled. Jackson blew into the balloon and lifted a total of 3,395 pounds, setting the new Guinness World Record, and beating his old record. He’s been invited back to China this year to defend the record.

In the meantime, Jackson plans to attempt to lift a semi Easter 2014. If he succeeds, it will add to his list of Guinness World Records that involve lung strength. Those records range from lifting the heaviest vehicle to blowing a golf ball from his mouth to a distance of more than 18 feet.

Jackson says he pursues the records to represent the United States, Oklahoma and Native Americans. In addition, he seeks to be an inspiration and serves as a motivational speaker at local schools and has founded a website and initiative known as the “I Believe Guy.”


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