Health and Healthcare in Lincoln, NE

Healthcare comes down to access, affordability and outcomes. Lincoln residents have access to 40 acute care hospitals within 60 miles. The ratio of residents to primary care physicians is 581:1 compared to the national average of 598:1. Lincoln residents are part of Lancaster County, which ranks 20th for health outcomes and 16th for health factors in the State of Nebraska. Additionally, residents spend 5.9% less than the national average on health care-related goods and services.
Based on data from the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
  • Hospitals in Lincoln, NE

    40 hospitals within 60 miles

    of Lincoln, NE
    6,480:1 population to hospital ratio
  • Doctors in Lincoln, NE

    446 doctors within city limits

    of Lincoln, NE
    581:1 population to primary care ratio
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