Princeton, NJ Business Overview

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Located just 13 miles from Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, Princeton is a hotbed of commercial activity. Major employers from some of the country's biggest industries including the medical and pharmaceutical, financial, and educational industries have put down roots in the area. Employers from these industries include such well-known companies as Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch and Princeton University.

Princeton draws these companies to the area because of its highly skilled and educated labor force, which is developed from the several nearby colleges, as well as its high quality of living, which CNNMoney has recognized by including Princeton on its 2005 and 2011 lists of Best Places to Live in America.


The transportation resources in Princeton help fuel commerce as several routes, including Interstate 206 and state highways 1 and 27, help commuters get to work quickly. For commuters who do not have a car, the free B Jitney shuttle, which is lovingly known around town as DINKY, is an attractive accommodation as this bussing service loops around Princeton Borough with several stopping points and is offered free of charge.

When traveling on the ground is too slow for a fast-paced business, the Trenton-Mercer Airport is a popular nearby resource as the airport is the third-busiest airport in New Jersey in terms of commercial activity.

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