The Best Neighborhoods in Muskogee, OK

Learn about the different neighborhoods in Muskogee, OK and see what living in Muskogee would be like.

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Nestled in the heart of the heartlands, peppered with historical sites and swathed in natural beauty, Muskogee is an idyllic place to live. The town offers a wide variety of housing to suit the needs of families, singles or seniors.

Honor Heights

The neighborhood around Honor Heights Park is as treasured as the fragrant blossoms that give their name to the park's Muskogee Azalea Festival. Western Muskogee is home to many of the city's older, more established houses, including Honor Heights. This neighborhood is inhabited by older professionals and families. Honor Heights' Jack C. Montgomery Veterans Affairs Medical Center and other VA facilities in town employ many Muskogee residents.

Northeast Muskogee

Some of the newest neighborhoods of Muskogee are found in the northeast part of town, bordered by the 130-year-old Bacone College and the Muskogee Turnpike. This area includes the auspicious River Oaks neighborhood, the Muskogee Country Club and several streets named after their proximity to the country club. Harris Jobe Elementary School and Muskogee High School can also be found in this area.


The historic downtown area hosts some of Muskogee's oldest homes. Stately Victorian mansions are interspersed with smaller houses on either side of Okmulgee Avenue, particularly on 12th and 16th streets. Had the proposed Native American state of Sequoyah been created, the governor's mansion would have been built either in the Founder's Place or Kendall Place neighborhoods. These remnants of Muskogee's original township benefit from an ongoing trend of restoration.

South Muskogee

Separated from the rest of Muskogee by a short distance and its patronage of the Hilldale Public Schools district is the Grandview Heights community. The friendly suburbs of Phoenix Village, Grandview and Cobble Stone are ideal for families.

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