Carlisle, PA Activities Overview

Carlisle, PA offers plenty of places to play – inside and out – to keep people active and healthy

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The Carlisle community has access to the Borough’s Park & Recreation Department.

Kids ages 4-16 can choose amongst various active pastimes offered in the youth programs. Some of these entail shooting hoops with co-ed basketball camp or learning martial arts. Adults can join, too, with Zumba, belly dancing, men’s softball, to name a few. Senior citizen women can also join their specifically designed strength-training class.

Bring the family together and stay active with the department’s special family programs including ballroom dancing and fencing.

If you’re for a day0trip idea, take one the recreation department’s bus trips to nearby destinations like New York City and Atlantic City.

Parks and Trails

Carlisle has around 18 parks and facilities for the public’s enjoyment. Facilities include the Stuart Community Center, Carlisle Community Pool, Mooreland Athletic Field and Cave Hill Nature Center. There are three kid-geared parks – Heberlig-Palmer, Butcher and Spahr Tot Lots –  and LeTort Playground. Furthermore, there are 10 general parks for the family fun. All of the parks, except Memorial, permit dogs on a 6-foot leash. Shaffer Dog Park is the only Carlisle Park that is a legal leash-free zone.

Scenic trails are also found in Carlisle. Army Heritage Trail lets you explore the outdoors while treating you to historical exhibitions, beginning in the Revolutionary Era. Also, the historic Forbes Trail, stretching from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, runs through Carlisle.

Outside of the city, Cumberland County has numerous trails, including the Appalachian Trail, as well as other outdoor activities, such as fishing and boating.

Carlisle Barracks

The Carlisle Barracks hosts a recreation and fitness services including a bowling alley, swimming lessons and outdoor recreation programs. Additionally offered are youth services from after school care to SAT prep.


Carlisle has four premier golf courses. One of the courses, the Cumberland Golf Course, is situated on the former site of the Black Tavern, a crossroads stop for travelers back in the 1700s. Today, the building is still preserved on the 72 par golf course, along with a bar and other golf facilities.

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