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Get a glimpse of Princeton, NJ by clicking on the arrows in the photo rotator, then take a deeper look by exploring the galleries below.

Neighborhood in Princeton, NJ

Princeton neighborhoods range from quaint and cozy to a bustling downtown. Photo by Flickr user Dougtone.

Elements Restaurant in Princeton, NJ

Princeton's Elements restaurant has earned many accolades for its quality food and upscale ambiance. Learn about other restaurants in the city. Photo by Flickr user carendt242.

Fountain of Freedom at Princeton University in NJ

Princeton University is one of the area's institutions of higher education. To learn more about education in Princeton, check out the public and private schools in the areaPhoto by Flickr user zorbtag2.

Bainbridge House in Princeton, NJ

Princeton is home to a number of historical attractions including the Bainbridge House, one of the oldest standing buildings in the city.

Hamilton Jewelers in Princeton, NJ

Princeton is home to major malls, specialty shops and local boutiques like Hamilton Jewelers. Learn more about the city's shopping scene.