Pick Farm Fresh Foods or Order Off the Restaurant Menu in Pulaski-Giles County

Whether you prefer something fresh from the garden or hot off the grill, there’s a tasty meal waiting in Pulaski and Giles County.

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Pulaski-Giles County Culture Provides Enrichment for Everyone

Pulaski-Giles County is rich in Civil War history, and has an assortment of many other culturally significant things to see and do.

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Pulaski-Giles County Recreation Includes Everything From Hunting to Horseback Riding

Families have many recreation options in Pulaski and Giles County, from hunting to horseback riding.

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Equestrian Lifestyle in Pulaski, TN

Equestrian Affection Runs Deep in Pulaski, TN

In Pulaski-Giles County it is not unusual to see a horse in every yard.

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Southern Tennessee Area Arts Repertory

Southern Tennessee Area Arts Repertory Moves to Old Opera House

To see an exciting, high-energy play or musical in Giles County, performing arts patrons need only head to the same place.

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Good Ole’ Boys Field Target Club in Pulaski, TN

Scenery and Wildlife Make Hunting and Target Shooting in Pulaski, TN Popular Pastimes

Giles County is a rural community with much open space and it ranks as one of the top counties in Tennessee for deer harvests each year.

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Painted Fiberglass Turkeys

It's Always Time to Talk Turkey in Giles County

In Giles County, it’s always time to talk turkey.

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Shopping in Pulaski, TN

Pulaksi has a variety of shopping destinations to choose from. Below is a listing of some of the stores available here.

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Fun Things To Do in Pulaski-Giles County

Ten fun things to do while in Pulaski-Giles County.

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Pulaski, Giles Honor Confederate Hero Sam Davis

The Sam Davis Trail that winds through Pulaski and Giles County offers visitors the chance to relive one of the Civil War's most poignant stories, and also helps anchor local tourism efforts.
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Hickory House Barbecue has grown from a local favorite to a regional draw.

Former Blacksmith Forges Loyal Barbecue Following

In his younger days, Butch White was a blacksmith, traveling the country shoeing horses. But in 1989, he put away his blacksmithing tools to forge a career in barbecue.

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"The Trail Where They Cried"

A Tribute to the Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears in the 1830s was a forced relocation and movement of American Indians from their homelands in the Deep South to Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma.

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