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Rochester Athletic Club in Rochester, MN
Rochester Athletic Club in Rochester, MN

The Mayo Clinic remains the best-known name in health for Rochester, offering a wide variety of sources for healthy living in the city of more than 100,000 residents. Other names also provide sublime medical care, including Olmsted Medical Center and two hospitals affiliated with Mayo, St. Marys and Methodist hospitals. The city’s focus on wellness also embraces healthy living concepts, from working out to chiropractic and massage.


The not-for-profit Mayo Clinic began as a private medical practice in Rochester, and has grown over more than a century, devoted to patient care, research innovation, medical practice and medical education. It serves not only the immediate community, but patients requiring specialty care from all over the nation. The hospital complex now employs more than 30,000, with branches across the northern Midwest, and auxiliary clinics in Florida and Arizona.

Olmsted Medical Center evolved as a source of primary patient care, including family practice, OB-GYN and pediatrics, says Jeremy Saluka of OMC’s marketing and communications department.

“We have a very symbiotic relationship with Mayo,” he says. “[Mayo] is largely tertiary and specialty, we’re primary, with a smaller patient population served in a very personal fashion. We’ve treated many generations of some families and embrace the role of community medical providers, here and in our branches in other communities.”

Alternative Outlets

Chiropractic and massage care are readily available for those looking for therapeutic effects as well. Back To Health Chiropractic Clinic offers chiropractic care, massage and acupuncture, a growing trend in alternative medicine. Northgate Chiropractic Clinic also offers chiropractic and massage, as well as cold laser therapy.

For those looking for wellness options, Rochester’s many day spas and massage specialists offer myriad choices, including spa treatments to refresh and rejuvenate. Shiatsu Wishing Well; Lilac Wellness Center; Just Relax Massage & Spa; Hair Studio 52 & Day Spa; Lulu's Wellness Center; City Looks Salon & Spa; Amazing Massage; BodyWise MassageSola Salon Studios; and Salon Chic and Day Spa all can provide relief and release from daily stress.

“I’d say consumers know more about the value of massage in relation to health now. They're more informed,” says Jessi Huxsol of City Looks Salon & Spa. “It’s not just relaxation, they’re looking to deal with challenges with muscles, sports-related problems, circulation, depression – there’s so much massage helps with beyond just stress.”

Working Out

Wellness includes fitness, and specialized fitness venues thrive in Rochester. There’s the Rochester Area Family YMCA branch, plus 9Round, Empowered Wellness and the Rochester Athletic Club to choose from, among others, where residents can indulge in their favorite form of physical activity, from swimming to weight-lifting or kickboxing, maintaining a healthy weight as well as muscle tone and cardiovascular health.

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