San Antonio, TX's Haunted Menger Hotel

Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX

Menger Hotel

As the home of the Alamo and all its lost souls, San Antonio, TX, has garnered its fair share of ghost stories. The Menger Hotel in particular routinely fills up with all kinds of guests – both living and dead. The regulars at the hotel include Sallie White and Captain Richard King, though some say that as many as 32 entities have made a home at the Menger. Sallie sightings are the most common, and the story goes that she was once a maid at the Menger who was murdered by her husband. These days, she's often seen roaming the halls with a stack of clean towels. Captain Richard King can also be seen walking through the walls of his old signature suite, the 'King Ranch Room'.

Other spirits include a knitting woman in the lobby, a man in a buckskin jacket, and kitchen “helpers” who are assumed to be behind the occasional floating silverware incidents. While none of the ghosts have been reported as mean-spirited, the hotel remains a favorite of ghost hunters and seekers alike.

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*Photo courtesy of Emily E. Cline.

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