Sewanee, TN: What you need to know

Located in Franklin County in Tennessee, Sewanee is the home of the University of the South, generally known as “Sewanee.”  The select liberal arts college has a beautiful campus abounding with buildings constructed of native stone.  The school is welcoming toward local residents, inviting them to attend annual events such as the Sewanee Writer’s Conference and the Sewanee Summer Music Festival.   Locals also enjoy it’s extensive network of hiking trails on the verdant Cumberland Plateau.   Quaint shops and small restaurants dot the city’s tiny downtown.

Sewanee, TN City Profile

Quick Facts

Population 2,642
Median Age 21
Median Household Income $73,750
Median Home Price $276,600

Sewanee, TN Demographics

Population By Gender

  Population Men 43.2%
  Population Women 56.8%

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Median Population

Median Age 21.2
Age 18 Over 92.8
Age 21 Over 52.1
Age 62 Over 12
Age 65 Over 10.1


  Ethnicity White 87.5%
  Ethnicity Black 6.2%
  Ethnicity Asian 2.4%
  Ethnicity Hispanic 2.7%

Median Household Income

  Median Household Income 73750
  Median Home Price 276600
  Homes Owned 47.1
  Homes Rent 52.9
  Median Property Rent 858


  English Only 96.9
  English Other 3.1
  English Poor 1600000

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Commute Types

  Walked 33
  Worked at Home 11.6
  Public Transportation 0
  Other Means 2.5
  Drove Alone 45.7
  Carpooled 7.2