10 Great Hiking Trails

Wildwood Park and Zoo Walking Trail in Marshfield, WI
Wildwood Park and Zoo Walking Trail in Marshfield, WI

Ranking Criteria

  • Terrific scenery
  • Varied difficulty levels
  • Open access in all weather

Finding a good hiking trail is a lot like finding a good Mexican restaurant. There are many out there. All of them offer something good, but they don't always leave you satisfied. The good ones keep you coming back, craving more. You can't help but think about them. You may even conisder keeping them a secret in the hopes that it won't be too crowded next time you go.

Spring is a great time to give a new trail a try, and we've got some recommendations. Whether you want to keep them to yourselves is up to you, but we like to share. We've singled out 10 great hikes across all ability levels. Some let you simply take in the scenery, while others (like a hot salsa) will put your stamina to the test. Regardless of the route, it's a sure way to fully take advantage of the spring season.

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