10 Best Haunted Houses

Click here if you dare. This list of haunted houses and attractions includes hotels, abandoned hospitals, underground lairs and historic homes - all of which are in some of the best cities in the U.S.

Summon your courage. Prepare to dive into a world of haunted houses and seriously scary places where ghosts and ghouls may actually be real.

These are some of the most haunted places in America, ranging from an abandoned tuberculosis hospital in Louisville, KY, to creepy underground tunnels in Portland, OR, to plenty of ghost-inhabited inns and hotels.

Click through if you dare.

*Photo courtesy of S B Rosencrans.

Ranking Criteria

History of paranormal activity • Ghost stories • Located in cities with lots to do

10. Fort Lauderdale, FL Population 173,570
9. San Jose, CA Population 1,000,860
8. San Antonio, TX Population 1,413,881
7. St. Augustine, FL Population 13,676
6. Chapel Hill, NC Population 58,766
5. Charleston, SC Population 127,694
4. Huntsville, AL Population 185,594
3. Portland, OR Population 612,206
2. , Population 0
1. Savannah, GA Population 142,919