10 Best Food Festivals

What better thing to celebrate than food? We've crossed the country looking for great food festivals and think you'll like what we're serving up. So go on, dig in.

Songs are written about it. Stories revolve around it. What better thing to celebrate than food? And what better way to celebrate than a community-wide festival, bringing together favorite foods and local culture? Turns out, the saying is true, "You are what you eat." Communities can be defined by their food. Whether it's comfort food from the heart of the South or a chili kick from Colorado, food can turn a small town into a tourist destination or earn a big city high praise. And that, friends, is cause for celebration. From the weird and wacky RC and Moonpie Festival to the elegant Oregon Truffle Festival, we've scoured the country to give you a taste of some of the best food fests in the most livable cities. So go on, dig in.

Ranking Criteria

Restaurant scene or dish that defines local culture • Restaurant, festival or dish that has drawn accolades • Unusual themes

10. Newark, OH Population 47,829
9. Eugene, OR Population 159,615
8. Provo, UT Population 115,345
7. Muskogee, OK Population 38,776
6. Fargo, ND Population 113,464
5. Shelbyville, TN Population 20,779
4. Lexington, NC Population 19,129
3. Tupelo, MS Population 35,561
2. Pueblo, CO Population 108,073
1. Knoxville, TN Population 183,066