Top 10 Downtowns

#2 Winston-SalemNorth Carolina
Downtown Winston-Salem, NC
Downtown Winston-Salem, NC

Quick Facts About Winston-Salem

Population: 235,718
Med. Age: 34
Med. Household Income: $42,383
Med. Home Price: $110,500
Average Work Commute: 17 MINUTES

Winston-Salem's downtown works a little like magic. Once you step into the historic district of Old Salem, you may as well have stepped back into 1772 (with the added bonus of jeans and tennis shoes). The Old Salem district, declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966, is a 100-acre representation of the first settlement in 1766 complete with restored shops, churches and live reenactments. The downtown is otherwise separated into four areas (Western Districts, Arts Districts, Fourth Street Districts and South Districts). Each district has its own look and feel.

The Scene: Back to the Future

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