Top 10 Fun and Unusual Museums

STAR Museum in Abingdon, VA
STAR Museum in Abingdon, VA

Ranking Criteria

  • Niche audience
  • Unusual exhibits
  • Near cultural amenities
  • Near restaurants

Museums like the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art offer a little something for everyone. But what if your interests are more specific and even weird? Say you’re into Ava Gardner, wrestling or roller skating. And we mean really into it. That’s where the smaller niche museums come in. These fun museums pay homage to a single subject, honor a special interest and celebrate the strange. They may draw smaller crowds, but their founders and visitors definitely don’t lack for enthusiasm. went digging for these weird museum gems in dynamic cities across the United States. Our list of the top 10 niche museums includes places that celebrate bikes, dolls, stars and more. Enjoy and remember: don't knock it ‘til you've tried it.

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