Top 10 Great Places to Ride a Bike

Biking at Stanky Creek Near Collierville, TN
Biking at Stanky Creek Near Collierville, TN

Ranking Criteria

  • Well maintained trail
  • Offers variety of scenery
  • Bike-friendly city
  • Presence of bike clubs
  • Popular with riders

The search for the Fountain of Youth may have turned out a little dry, but we've got a tip that can help you backpedal a bit. The key to that young, fit, healthy feeling all lies in an activity we've been doing since we were kids: biking.

It helps that cycling is all the rage right now. With the trend towards greener living in full swing, people are busting out their old bikes or picking out new bikes and using them for a more environmentally friendly ride "“ not to mention a cheaper one.

And bicycles certainly aren't bad on the waistline. The health benefits are numerous and undeniable, and biking lets you look cool and feel good while doing it. Not bad, huh?

So there's why you bike. Ready for the where? Great, 'cause we've compiled a list of some of the best places to ride a bike around the country, ranging from a cool cruise through the woods of North Carolina to the rocky terrain of New Mexico. Enjoy the ride!

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