Top 10s

We’re always coming up with new ways to show off great cities. See our top picks in categories like green cities, college towns, food cities and tons more.

Solar Panels Installed Near Charlotte, NC

Going green is a reoccurring theme in towns across the U.S. We've dug deep and found places where protecting the environment, saving energy and loving planet Earth come naturally.

Danville is a Top 10 Pet City

Would you be willing to move just to put your pet in a better place? Well if you're that kind of person (or maybe just the curious type), take a look at our choices for the best cities for pets.

Top 10 Farmers Markets

We've gone a pick'n and came back with a healthy list of our favorite Farmers Markets. Take a gander at some of the best places to get homegrown goodness and have a bit of fun. Oh, and we gave you one extra, cause that's what a good farmer would do.

Top 10 Awesome Water Cities
As the summer heat kicks in you'll need a place to cool off. Check out these cities by lakes, rivers and oceans.
Panama City, FL Beach

High gas prices are going to make that cross-country family vacation cost a lot more. Heck, even a weekend getaway can become more than you wanted to spend. But a great vacation can still be had. We're offering 10 great staycation cities that offer residents a getaway in their own backyard.

Manly Cities

Give dear old Dad a true treat and take him to one of these macho towns. We searched for the most manly cities in America and think you'll be surprised by what we found.