atlanta, ga

BusinessThe Cheapest Places for Starting a Business

Calling all entrepreneurs on a budget: This is where you want to go. .

BusinessThe Key to a Happy Commute Isn't What We Think It Is

Trend analyst Matt Carmichael weighs in on the results from a study out of McGill University's School of Urban Planning. .

Fayetteville, AR

BusinessHow to Start a Business in a Small Town

And why they make it easier on entrepreneurs. .

entrepreneurship college towns

BusinessWhy Entrepreneurship Flourishes in College Towns

Many university communities are proving to be fertile soil in which to grow a business.

A map based on a data survey of many states has an average American visited

BusinessHow Many States Has the Average American Visited?

In an exclusive survey with Ipsos, we asked what states people have lived in, visited, and want to visit .

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