Arts and EntertainmentTurkey Bowling and Other Unusual Winter Sports

Communities get creative when it comes to things to do in the cold .

Health and WellnessBird City Takes Flight in Wisconsin

Bird City Wisconsin aims to raise awareness for the protection of birds. The program has recognized 88 communities in Wisconsin that have pledged to be bird friendly.

Business and EconomyResidents Warm to Being the Coldest City in the Nation

Living in one of the coldest places in the U.S. isn't as bad as it sounds. Residents of International Falls, MN, which is known as the Icebox of the Nation, take advantage of everything the frigid temperatures provide.

Mapping Researchers Aim for Prettier Routes

TransportationResearchers Aim to Find the 'Most Pleasant' Way to Go Places

A group of researchers are using crowdsourcing to define the most aesthetically pleasing routes between two urban points, adding only minutes to travel times, in hopes of inspiring app designers.

CommunityThese Are the Best Cities for Liberals, Conservatives and Centrists

Tired of arguing about politics with your neighbors? Here are three Top 10 lists of cities where you're more likely to find common ground with those around you.

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